"The Threat of Saddam Hussein with weapons of mass destruction is real, but
as I said, it is not new. It has been with us since the end of that war, and
particularly in the last 4 years we know after Operation Desert Fox failed to
force him to reaccept them, that he has continued to build those weapons.
He has had a free hand for 4 years to reconstitute these weapons, allowing
the world, during the interval, to loose the focus we had on weapons of mass
destruction and the isue of proliferation. -John Kerry, 10/09/02
Imperialist Crusader's realm of Totalitarianism

The goggles, they do nothing.

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Friday, June 06, 2003
I've become obsessed with my jeep. fixings and upgrades galore!

Thursday, June 05, 2003
Ebay adds massive EU tax of 21%

Thanks to Rebelscum.com for the heads up. Not that I live in the EU, thank God, but thats a mighty big sales tax. Cant expect much from socalisim tho anyway.

If you live in the European Union get ready for a big shock - from the 1st of July eBay will be adding 17.5% (or a whopping 21% for Ireland and 25% for Sweden) tax to its insertion fees, feature fees, final value fees and service subscription fees for all auctions posted or won by residents of the EU. You can check out their press release for more information. If it wasn't costly enough already, Star Wars collecting just got a tad more expensive.

Wednesday, June 04, 2003
House passes partial birth abortion plan

Finally, it looks like this is going to get pushed through. I dont understand how such a foul and disgusting procedure could have even been made legal in the first place.

Islamists burn to death Christian pastor, family

The simultaneous attack on 10 villages in Eastern Upper Nile took place as Secretary of State Colin Powell met with Sudanese Foreign Minister Mustafa Osman Ismail to discuss Sudan's removal from the U.S. list of state sponsors of terrorism.

Sudan's cleric-backed National Islamic Front regime in the Arab and Muslim north declared a jihad on the mostly Christian and animist south in 1989. Since 1983, an estimated 2 million people have died from war and related famine. About 5 million have become refugees.

Where's the poll that lets the world know what I think of these islamo fasicts sicko's?

Tuesday, June 03, 2003
Freindly muslims in the middle east say: Kill the jews!

Blah im so sick of the middle east. Christ said "by their fruits you shall know them." How true it is. death, destruction, and terror. some fruits.

Monday, June 02, 2003
Dirty rotten nogood do nothings ravage geneva, "protesting" something.

Its the usual crap out of these people. capitalisim bad, marxisim good. It gets old, protestors, no one cares about your non fucnctional failed ideologies. go smoke some hash and get laid, and leave the rest of us who do shit alone.

Sunday, June 01, 2003

| "We are not the masks we wear. But if we don them, do we not become them?" Keops D'ao Tsumai, "Fortunes" CY 9683 301 AFC Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.