"The Threat of Saddam Hussein with weapons of mass destruction is real, but
as I said, it is not new. It has been with us since the end of that war, and
particularly in the last 4 years we know after Operation Desert Fox failed to
force him to reaccept them, that he has continued to build those weapons.
He has had a free hand for 4 years to reconstitute these weapons, allowing
the world, during the interval, to loose the focus we had on weapons of mass
destruction and the isue of proliferation. -John Kerry, 10/09/02
Imperialist Crusader's realm of Totalitarianism

The goggles, they do nothing.

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Saturday, July 12, 2003
All U.S.-based satellite broadcasts to Iran are being jammed out of Cuba

“WE ARE well aware of the jamming,” said one senior U.S. official familiar with intelligence on the matter. He said that it was almost certainly done as part of an effort by the Iranian government to eliminate dissent during a week of renewed student protests and the inauguration of Voice of America’s Farsi-language television programming to Iran.

Document links Saddam, bin Laden

The list has 600 names and titles in three columns. It contains, for example, the names of the important officials who are members of Saddam's family, such as Uday, and then other high officials, including the 55 American ''deck of cards'' Iraqi officials, some of whom have been apprehended.

Halfway down the middle column is written: ''Abid Al-Karim Muhamed Aswod, intelligence officer responsible for the coordination of activities with the Osama bin Laden group at the Iraqi embassy in Pakistan.'' (For more about the list, see accompanying article on this page.)

The lawyer who brought the newspaper to me, Samir, and another lawyer with whom I have been working, Zuhair, translated the Arabic words and described what had happened in Baghdad the day it was published.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003
Islamofasicst Iranian government suppress pro democracy students in street fights.

Police have faught running battles in Iran's capital between hardline Islamic vigilantes and pro-democracy youths.

The three-sided running street fights took place near the capital's Tehran University.

A witness said police had fired tear gas at groups of youths near the campus and also fought fist fights with plainclothes Islamic militiamen to prevent them from engaging in further running battles.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

yeah this is where i was last night, sitting near that white suv on the patio at kellys when this went down. wasnt fun.

Monday, July 07, 2003
Idiots at MSNBC fire savage, cancell his show

well i was wondering how long this would take, msnbc sucked balls before but this brings them to a new low. the morons wonder why thier ratings suck, its because theyve got no spine. savage is bad ass and will be better off without msnbc draging him down.

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