"The Threat of Saddam Hussein with weapons of mass destruction is real, but
as I said, it is not new. It has been with us since the end of that war, and
particularly in the last 4 years we know after Operation Desert Fox failed to
force him to reaccept them, that he has continued to build those weapons.
He has had a free hand for 4 years to reconstitute these weapons, allowing
the world, during the interval, to loose the focus we had on weapons of mass
destruction and the isue of proliferation. -John Kerry, 10/09/02
Imperialist Crusader's realm of Totalitarianism

The goggles, they do nothing.

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Saturday, November 08, 2003
300,000 Iraqis May Be in Mass Graves

BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Saddam Hussein's government is believed to have buried as many as 300,000 opponents in 263 mass graves that dot the Iraqi landscape, the top human rights official in the U.S.-led civilian administration said Saturday.
"We have found mass graves with women and children with bullet holes in their heads," she said.

Explain how you could be against our toppling of saddam.

Friday, November 07, 2003
ok, on a more serious note, i think i need to get a transcript of some of the first dnc debates talking about how bad the economy is and compare them to the latest economic numbers out. till then, i'll leave you with this:
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. economy added more than twice the number of jobs expected in October, the third straight monthly gain, and the jobless rate fell, the government said on Friday in a report pointing to a labor market recovery.
The Labor Department (news - web sites) also made substantial upward revisions to payrolls for August and September, a sign sizzling economic growth in the third quarter translated into more jobs.
The number of workers on U.S. payrolls outside the farm sector in October soared 126,000, the largest rise since January, after climbing 125,000 in the previous month. The number far outstripped analyst expectations for a 58,000 gain.

Its obvious that not only have the BUSH tax cuts worked, we need more of them. why are people not demanding this? 250,000 people have jobs now. All thanks to the republican congress and president.

SpydrGrrlZ: you spelled college wrong in your blog
SpydrGrrlZ: how ironic
deckard65536: go collage
SpydrGrrlZ: a collage is a cluster of pictures
SpydrGrrlZ: ;-)
deckard65536: go collage!
deckard65536: there we go
deckard65536: all fixed
deckard65536: :-)
SpydrGrrlZ: you also spelled intelligence wrong
SpydrGrrlZ: *shakes head*
deckard65536: lmao
deckard65536: :-)
SpydrGrrlZ: actually that one paragraph about Dubya's intelligence has like 6 mispellings
deckard65536: haha
SpydrGrrlZ: and yet you spell diatribe right
SpydrGrrlZ: you freak
deckard65536: 8-)
deckard65536: there we go, press your refresh key...now
SpydrGrrlZ: why? I doubt you got them all
SpydrGrrlZ: :P
deckard65536: do it for the team
deckard65536: who said i corrected any of them anyway
deckard65536: O:-)
SpydrGrrlZ: collEGE!!!
deckard65536: O:-)

Caution: bad spelling ahead

My favorite uber cute spelling nazi, YVETTE, has informed me of the irony of misspelling collage in my post below about the s&m classes.

Thanks yvette, GO COLLAGE!

Thursday, November 06, 2003
Mike Savage says:

"Diversity is a code word for Perversity"

Im begining to readily agree.

"Leigh Streit, 20, a junior from Gowrie, said he didn't know whether Cuffs should have been given money. "I don't really know how you discriminate, where you draw the line," he said. "

And people look at me funny when I tell them that collage offers me nothing. ITS BECAUSE THEYRE TEACHING NOTHING BUT HOW TO SLAP AND TIE PEOPLE UP!

I can do that fine on my own, i dont need to go 40k into debt, thanks.

Maybe the title of this should be


The Joy of Rhetoric
Leftisim is a product of Low IQ's

Ok, so I constantly hear neverending diatribe about the intelegence of Presidant Bush. Over and over and over I hear the left snarling and drooling and flinging poo like a rabid monkey, declaring how stupid bush is. I can only snicker knowing the horrible shame they must feel when i think about how their percieved low IQ presedent beat every dirty trick they used to try to steal the election with.

Thats why it's a special joy to bring you this video of Mrs Mary Lou, a very fiery young lady, filled with ghettoisims, a case of fire in her belly, and a dulled sence of logic and lacking knowledge of history. This is the standard i get from leftist comentaries, which makes me wonder if the leftist obsession with inteligence stem from their lack thereof?

This video is in realplayer, quicktime, and window's media. Please enjoy as much as I.

(Big thanks to Brain Terminal, who has several excent videos, and LGF for the link.)

Monday, November 03, 2003

Haha, I thought this was kind of funny;

"NEW DELHI (AP) - In a capital city where cows roam the streets and elephants plod along in the bus lanes, it's no surprise to find government buildings overrun with monkeys.

But the officials who work there are fed up. They've been bitten, robbed and otherwise tormented by monkeys that ransack files, bring down power lines, screech at visitors and bang on office windows.

Hindus believe that monkeys are manifestations of the monkey god, Hanuman, and worshippers come to Raisina Hill every Tuesday handing out bananas.

Last year the monkeys made their presence felt by hanging from window ledges and screeching at reporters arriving for a news conference with visiting U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

What happens when you teach your children to be mass murderers? thats right, they blow them selfs apart.

"The death brought the toll from three years of Palestinian uprising to 3,591, including 2,676 Palestinians and 849 Israelis. "

Some uprising. Thank God he didnt hurt anyone.

Senator Zell Miller -D, on why he's voting for Bush

"I find it hard to believe, but these naive nine have managed to combine the worst feature of the McGovern campaign--the president is a liar and we must have peace at any cost--with the worst feature of the Mondale campaign--watch your wallet, we're going to raise your taxes. George McGovern carried one state in 1972. Walter Mondale carried one state in 1984. Not exactly role models when it comes to how to get elected or, for that matter, how to run a country.

So, as I have said, my choice for president was an easy decision. And my own party's candidates made it even easier.
Thanks to LGF for pointing this one out.

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