"The Threat of Saddam Hussein with weapons of mass destruction is real, but
as I said, it is not new. It has been with us since the end of that war, and
particularly in the last 4 years we know after Operation Desert Fox failed to
force him to reaccept them, that he has continued to build those weapons.
He has had a free hand for 4 years to reconstitute these weapons, allowing
the world, during the interval, to loose the focus we had on weapons of mass
destruction and the isue of proliferation. -John Kerry, 10/09/02
Imperialist Crusader's realm of Totalitarianism

The goggles, they do nothing.

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Friday, November 21, 2003
9th circut court continues its decent into irrelevency

Appeals Court Reinstates Wrongful Death Suit Against Gun Industry

"The 2-1 ruling by the San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reinstates a lawsuit filed against gun manufacturers and distributors whose weapons were used by a white supremacist who shot a Filipino-American postal worker to death and wounded five people at a Jewish day care center in a 1999 Los Angeles-area rampage. "

"Survivors claimed that several weapons companies produced, distributed and sold more firearms than legal purchasers could buy."

What happened was horrible, but to sue the manufacturers of wepons is just beyond stupid. Next we'll sue Ford for making to many cars for purchasers to buy, and claim its their fault next time someone kills someone else in a car.
stupid worthless judges.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003
Howard Dean is a Socialist.

In an interview around midnight Monday on his campaign plane with a small group of reporters, Dean listed likely targets for what he dubbed as his "re-regulation" campaign: utilities, large media companies and any business that offers stock options. Dean did not rule out "re-regulating" the telecommunications industry, too.

Everything that comes out of his mouth is either stupid, illogical, or just plain nuts. The views that he expresses are no different that what is advocated on websites like indymedia, the workers world party, infoshop, and the rest of the nutty left.

Senator Ted Kennedy: Black, Hispanic federal court nominies are "Neandertals"

"what has not ended is the resolution and the determination of the members of the United States Senate to continue to resist any Neanderthal that is nominated by this president of the United States for any federal court in the United States."

I first heard this on Savage the other night and thought he was joking, for a minnute i couldnt belive that kennedy would say this. then my sence's came back and I figure he's just showing his true colors in his old age.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

so cute, yet so stupid.

Monday, November 17, 2003
i'm having a WHAT THE FUCK moment after reading this article linked by LGF;

Palestinian Savagery Watch

A sickening tale of Arab honor/shame barbarism: Daughter, raped by brothers, killed by mother.
ABU QASH, West Bank - Rofayda Qaoud - raped by her brothers and impregnated - refused to commit suicide, her mother recalls, even after she bought the unwed teenager a razor with which to slit her wrists. So Amira Abu Hanhan Qaoud says she did what she believes any good Palestinian parent would: restored her family's "honor" through murder.

Armed with a plastic bag, razor and wooden stick, Qaoud entered her sleeping daughter's room last Jan. 27. "Tonight you die, Rofayda," she told the girl, before wrapping the bag tightly around her head. Next, Qaoud sliced Rofayda's wrists, ignoring her muffled pleas of "No, mother, no!" After her daughter went limp, Qaoud struck her in the head with the stick.

Killing her sixth-born child took 20 minutes, Qaoud tells a visitor through a stream of tears and cigarettes that she smokes in rapid succession. "She killed me before I killed her," says the 43-year-old mother of nine. "I had to protect my children. This is the only way I could protect my family's honor."

WHAT THE FUCK??? what the hell kind of nutty ass people do this? wtf!

Kasparov takes Fritz to school

"World number one Garry Kasparov "obliterated" the chess computer program X3D Fritz on Sunday with a strategy that proved too forward-thinking for the machine to defend against.

"He steamrolled right over Fritz," says John Hernandez, chess consultant for Fritz. "It was a masterpiece." Kasparov achieved a winning position after just 16 moves. But playing cautiously, he did not finish the program off until the 45th move and over four hours."

I took special interest in reading this. Because of my now two year long interest in strategy, which naturaly led me to teaching myself both Chess and Go. I think what Kasparov did wasnt so much brillant, its simply what any competent stratigist would have done, exploit weeknesses and use strenth against itself.

Anyway, interesting story, makes one think.

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